Dear Year 4 Parents and Carers,

We have really enjoyed having all our classes back in full for the past 3 weeks. It has been great seeing all of them engage with their learning and have fun with their friends in the playground. Please find information below about the Year 4 Summer 1 curriculum that will help you to support your children with their learning. We have lots of exciting topics that we are really looking forward to.


In Summer One, for English, children will begin by studying the award-winning graphic novel El Deafo by Cece Bell, a wonderful book that will help children to empathise with the experiences of those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Based upon this moving text, children will write a scene with dialogue (revising speech punctuation rules), a diary entry and produce an explanation text about creating a deaf-friendly classroom. This latter piece of writing will be produced during Deaf Awareness Week 2021 (4th - 9th May). After this, children will look at the performance poetry of Joseph Coehlo and Benjamin Zephaniah, using their work as inspiration for their own poems; this will culminate in a Poetry Slam in which children will perform the poems they have written.


First, the children will develop their knowledge of money, which will involve writing, comparing and rounding amounts and using these skills to solve problems. Following this, the children will learn about measurements, including measuring and converting mass, volume and length. Then the children will be measuring the area and perimeter of shapes. The children will develop their skills of geometry by classifying different types of angles, triangles and quadrilaterals. Finally, the children will learn about symmetry, position and movement which will involve drawing lines of symmetry and completing shapes symmetrically and also describing movements using a grid and co-ordinates.


Our topic is Sound. The children will be learning about sound, including how it is created, the way it travels and how it is processed by the ear. The children will explore how sounds can be varied, and the way sound travels through solids, liquids and gases. This will complement our English learning where the children will be reading a book with a deaf protagonist.


Our topic for Summer 1 is ‘Coasts’. As part of this unit, the children will explore the coastline of Britain using a VR app called Nearpod on the Ipads. They will then learn how and why the coastline has changed over time and the impact of tourism on coasts.


Our topic this term is Believing and Belonging within the Sikh faith. This will include learning about Sikh beliefs, places of worship, the significance of different gurus, impact of culture and celebrations within the Sikh faith.


Next half term, Year 4 will be looking at various aspects of ‘Keeping Safe and Healthy’. Please see the attached PSCHE letter for further information.


The children will continue their music lessons from the second week back after half term. Your child will take their instrument home every Thursday at Webbs or Wednesday at Meteor after their lesson. They will be required to practise their instrument as instructed by their instrument teacher.

Please be reminded that their instruments will need to be in school every Thursday for children at Webbs and every Wednesday for children at Meteor. If instruments break or are damaged, please do not try to fix them at home, send them into school so that your child’s instrument teacher can assess the damage and fix it for them.


Year 4 will be bringing the characters of the graphic novel El Deafo to life using animation software.


French will be taught by Madame Lambert. The topic for the summer term is my body. Pupils will learn to name parts of the face and body by using basic verbs in the first person. They also will learn to say that something hurts.


Children will continue to work on returning to or improving fitness through a variety of fun games. They will also practice their athletics skills of running, jumping and throwing.

Opportunities to learn net and fielding games will also be explored.

Children will set targets, working on their own personal bests as well as improving their skipping skills. They will continue to learn both cooperative and competitive games, with a focus on good sportsmanship values.

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English ( and maths ( homework will both continue to be set on Wednesdays and should be completed by Monday. Mathletics will be set every week, and English will be set every other week.

Children will also be given a list of spellings in their Reading Records each week. They should practise spelling these words at home using a range of strategies (as shown in the Reading  Records). They will then be tested on these spellings through dictations in class.  The children will be given a reading book and homework based on this book each week. They will need to complete this by their next reading day. We recommend that all children spend 30 minutes each day reading independently at home to improve fluency, vocabulary and confidence.

Children will need to bring their record to school with them every day. Please sign the record each week, as this is an essential form of parent/teacher communication and to show that your child has practised their spellings and that you have seen the reading homework.


Many thanks for your continued support,

The Year 4 Team

Catriona Hill (4H – Year Leader), Stephanie Grosvenor (4G), Lydia Common (4C), Pia Zombanikas (4Z),

Alex Edwards (4E)

Download the Year 4 PSCHE letter

Year 4 Parent's Workshop Presentation

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