Summer 2

Dear Parents/Carers,                                                                                     

Please find below an overview of the topics we will be covering next half term.


Children will be reading a range of traditional tales, discussing their key features and writing their own narrative based on Jack and the Beanstalk. They will then extend their understanding by challenging stereotypes within traditional tales, exploring texts such as The Paperbag Princess and George and the Dragon. Finally, children will explore traditional tales from different cultures and countries, such as Lila and the Secret of Rain from Kenya and Anansi from Ghana. To finish the school year and to follow on from our RE learning this half term on being thankful, the children will create their own messages of gratitude.


Children will be learning about money and understanding the value of coins and notes. They will also develop their understanding of measurement, including capacity and mass as well as consolidating their number knowledge in preparation for Year 2.


Children will be building upon their knowledge of animals, learning about birds and mammals in more depth. They will also re-visit their learning about the seasons and make observations about the world around them.

ICT and computing

Children will be researching a country linked to their Geography unit, using search engines to find information and pictures. They will then use simple software to create effective information posters on the iPads using Book Creator software.


Children will be learning about ‘A changing me in a changing world’. This will include relationship and sex education (RSE). A separate letter has been sent out, outlining what and how topics will be taught.


Children will be immersing themselves in the topic, ‘How are places different?’ Children will be considering how a country is defined and how countries differ in terms of weather, landscape, food and culture. They will be focusing on England, Japan and Kenya.


Children will continue to develop their singing skills. They have been learning lots of fun songs based around the topic of animals. This will culminate in their singing performance on Tuesday 19th July.


Children will be looking at artists like Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol who have made art inspired by their pets. They will make a pet portrait and then a 3D pet using recycled materials.



Children will be taught by our Gym teacher David Wood. They will learn the core gymnastic skills and work on building these into simple sequences of movement.

Outdoor PE lessons

Children will focus on striking and fielding skills, exploring striking and hitting objects with hand and bat. They will learn to track and retrieve a rolling ball, throw, and catch a variety of objects as an individual and with a partner. They will also learn to distinguish between batters and fielders.

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Maths ( homework will both be set on Wednesdays and should be completed by the following Monday. Mathletics activities are set to consolidate the current learning in class. We appreciate that they may be quick to complete from time to time so if you wish to extend your child’s learning at home, please use the ‘explore’ and ‘play’ tabs at the top. You can also find additional challenge activities at Words to learn each week will be sent home in your child’s guided reading record. Your child needs to bring their guided reading record to school every day. Reading books and matching comprehension activities are provided on Bug Club (

Healthy eating at playtime

Children can bring in a healthy snack to eat during break time. They are allowed to bring a piece of fresh or dried fruit or vegetable, or a small savoury sandwich (no crisps, biscuits, sweets, yogurts, cakes etc please) – teachers will monitor these snacks to make sure they are suitable. There should be no foods containing nuts brought into school.


All children need to bring a small, labelled bottle of plain water to drink throughout the day and take it home each night to be washed. They can re-fill this bottle from the water stations in school during the day.

Communication between home and school

At the end of the school day, your child must always say goodbye to their teacher before leaving the school premises. It is important for your child’s safety that the school has two accurate contact numbers in case of an emergency but also for us to be able to contact you and discuss what is happening in school. Please can you check that home and any mobile contact numbers that have been sent into school are correct and up to date.

We will work in close partnership with families to ensure your child’s time at school is successful – if you have any queries concerning your child’s education or welfare please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher on the playground or through the office and we will be glad to discuss any queries with you.

 Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 1 team
Rose Spring (1S, Year Leader)
Edward Frain (1F)
Emily Grove (1G)
Gus Brooks (1B)
Lottie Wallace (1W)

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