Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you all for your efforts over this term. We are very proud of our children’s efforts and have very much enjoyed seeing these either through seesaw or at school. 

This letter is to provide a few highlights over the coming half term.


In Summer One, for English, we will be reading a novel by the current American National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, Jason Reynolds. He has had a huge impact in the USA on children's reading and is a regular award-winner for his books aimed at middle-grade and young adult readers. We will be studying Ghost, the first book in his Track series, on our return from the holiday. This remarkable text will be used as a stimulus for a number of written pieces: a diary entry from a minor character's point of view; an information text about Olympic medalists famous for taking a stand and/ or overcoming adversity (including Jesse Owens, Cathy Freeman and Dame Kelly Holmes); and a print advertisement for running shoes. Following this, children will develop their narrative writing, producing a story based upon a short animated film - children will be encouraged to consider how to create atmosphere and build tension using a variety of techniques.


We will start the term recapping and reviewing learning so that children are able to start the year 6 units securely. We will then move onto position and movement, carefully drawing polygons and describing reflections and movements. Following this, children will read and create pie charts and line graphs, interpreting meaning and finding averages. 

Science – Biodiversity and Me

Using a great film as a launch (David Attenborough’s ‘Life On This Planet’) we will encourage children to make a personal difference and a legacy or challenge to others. This unit will last all term and will bring a lot of threads of curriculum together, as well as lots of opportunities for collaboration and action - citizenship, empowerment, and responsibility.

History and Geography – Earthquakes, Mountains, Volcanoes

Children will first explore the links between the edges of continents and what this might mean about how the Earth looked in the past. Using this starting point, pupils will find out about the inside of the Earth and how this affects the world we now live in.

RE - Journey of Life

Children will reflect on their key events within their past, present and future life. They will then learn about how different religions recognise and celebrate these different points, including through ceremony. To finish the unit, children will consider the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on these gatherings.

PSHCE – Keeping healthy and Safe

Children will be taught (at an age appropriate level) to think about what is safe and unsafe, who they can trust, assessing and managing risk, making choices, challenging stereotypes, getting help and taking responsibility. Please see the accompanying letter for further details.


In computing, children will be using the coding progamme Kodu to control a character and create a game.


We are pleased to inform you that year 6 will be participating in two projects for each half term this summer. One project is a drumming project where children will learn about complex rhythms and will work together as an ensemble to learn a performance piece. This will contain call and response rhythms, simple and complex rhythms, rhythm rounds and switch rhythms. The second project will be a GarageBand project (live loops), which involves composing, using sample music and composing their own samples to use.  The children will then edit the music using lots of studio techniques. Classes at Webb’s Road will do drumming first, and 6DG will start with GarageBand. In summer 2, classes will swap projects. 6DG will drum and those at Webb’s will be composing using GarageBand.


Children will be inspired by Shaun Tan’s book The Arrival to create a suitcase of drawings to reflect their own personal culture.


Children will next half term have an opportunity to complete both their P.E. lessons outdoors. This will encourage children to more active and develop their fitness levels. 

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Yours faithfully,

Daniel Griffin (6DG)    Noemi Suarez (6S)    Toby Gallagher (6TG)     Adam Wood (6W)   

Ben Matthews (Deputy Head and Year 6 Leader)



Download the Year 6 PSCHE letter

Year 6 Parent's Workshop Presentation

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