Autumn 2

Dear Parents/Carers,
The children have settled into year four very well and have enjoyed getting to know their new classmates. They have worked very hard this half term and are thoroughly enjoying learning their new instruments. Please find below an overview of the topics we will cover in Autumn 2. We hope you find this useful.
For Autumn Two, children will be studying work by literary greats past and present in detail. Initially, we will be reading The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan (winner of this year's Kate Greenaway Medal). Using this remarkable picture book and its Oscar-winning animated adaptation, children will develop their narrative writing, seeking to create atmosphere through the use of description. Later in the term, children will read a children's classic, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, as a stimulus for developing comprehension skills, and writing both persuasively and journalistically.
This term will have a particular focus on the 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 times tables and related division facts. Please continue to support your child at home if they are not confident with their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 times tables yet. They will be applying their knowledge of times tables to problem solving. They will also be learning and revising formal written methods to multiply and divide large 2 and 3 digit numbers, including the bus stop method for division.
Our science topic this half term focuses on states of matter and the children will be learning to compare and group materials according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases. They will carry out experiments to observe the change in some materials when they are heated or cooled and identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle.
In history, the children will be studying the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons to Britain. They will look at replica objects found during the excavation of Sutton Hoo and will learn about Anglo-Saxon culture and society and the influence of the religion during this period.
Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE)
The theme this term will continue to be: ‘Understanding our feelings’. A range of feelings (e.g. happy, sad, brave, afraid, angry, calm, generous, selfish) will be explored through storybooks, poetry, roleplay and discussion activities. We will be developing children’s language to describe different feelings, how an emotion may feel in our bodies and how our feelings can link to our actions.
In ICT, the children will be exploring a computing programme called SleuthIT. They will use a range of decoding and problem solving strategies to advance through the levels of the game. In online safety, they will learn about what information is appropriate and what information is inappropriate to share online.

Physical Education:
Children should come to school in their PE kit and do not need to bring their normal uniform to change back into. Please do make sure that they have warm enough clothes for the whole day e.g. jogging bottoms if they wear shorts for PE.
Indoor PE lessons Children will either be taught dance by our specialist dance teacher Rhian Robbins or Gym by our coach David Wood. The children will have an opportunity to create, explore and perform movement in response to classroom curriculum-based topics and given stimuli such as music, visuals and text. Children will be encouraged and taught to share and develop the language to feedback and comment with an emphasis on creativity, composition, performance and peer learning.
Outdoor PE lessons
Outdoor games will initially focus on outdoor and adventurous activities, with an emphasis on team building, problem solving, communication and decision making through a variety of tasks working independently, with partners and groups.

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The children will continue their music lessons from the first week back after half term. Your child will take their instrument home every Thursday after their lesson and will be required to practise their instrument as instructed by their instrument teacher.
Please be reminded that their instruments will need to be in school every Thursday (Wednesday at Meteor). If instruments break or are damaged, please do not try to fix them at home, send them into school so that your child’s instrument teacher can assess the damage and fix it for them.
Year 4 will be learning about the Italian Expressionist artist Amedeo Modigliani this half term. They will make a self-portrait using oil pastels, building on their knowledge of colour theory.
This half term, Year 4 will learn about "My town". They will learn vocabulary around name places, how to say where there is in their town and how to ask and give directions. Children will also learn how to ask for items and ask how much something costs.
Towards the end of next half term, the children will be taking part in a DT project where they will be designing a toy prototype using Scratch.
English ( and maths ( homework will both continue to be set on Wednesdays and should be completed by Monday. Mathletics will be set every week, and English will be set every other week.
Children will also be given a list of spellings in their Reading Records each week. They should practise spelling these words at home using a range of strategies (as shown in the Reading Records). They will then be tested on these spellings through dictations in class. The children will be given a reading book and homework based on this book each week. They will need to complete this by their next reading day. We recommend that all children spend 30 minutes each day reading independently at home to improve fluency, vocabulary and confidence.
Children will need to bring their record to school with them every day. Please sign the record each week, as this is an essential form of parent/teacher communication and to show that your child has practised their spellings and that you have seen the reading homework.

Many thanks for your continued support,
Stephanie Grosvenor (4G- Year Leader), Lydia Common (4C - Meteor), Samuel Bevan (4B – Meteor), Pia Zombanakis (4Z), Phoebe Dee (4D)

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