Summer 2


Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find below an overview of the topics we will be covering next half term.

Children will be reading a range of traditional tales, discussing their key features and writing their own narrative based on Jack and the Beanstalk. They will then extend their understanding by challenging stereotypes within traditional tales, exploring texts such as The Paperbag Princess and George and the Dragon. Finally, children will explore traditional tales from different cultures and countries, such as Lila and the secret of rain from Kenya and Anansi from Ghana. To finish the school year and to follow on from our RE learning this half term on being thankful, the children will create their own messages of gratitude.

Children will be learning about money and understanding the value of coins and notes. They will also develop their understanding of measurement, including capacity and mass as well as consolidating their number knowledge in preparation for year 2.

Children will be building upon their knowledge of animals, learning about birds and mammals in more depth. They will also re-visit their learning about the seasons and make observations about the world around them.

Children will be researching a country linked to their Geography unit, using search engines to find information and pictures. They will then use simple software to create effective information posters on the iPads.

Children will be learning about ‘A changing me in a changing world’. This will include relationship and sex education (RSE). A separate letter has been sent out, outlining what and how topics will be taught.

Children will be immersing themselves in the topic, ‘How are places different?’ Children will be considering how a country is defined and how countries differ in terms of weather, landscape, food and culture. They will be focusing on the UK, Japan and Kenya.

Children will continue to develop their singing skills. They have been learning lots of fun songs based around the topic of transport. This will culminate in a singing performance towards the end of term. More details will follow.

In their Art lessons, Year 1 will be exploring 2D to 3D design, using scissors to deconstruct and then reconstruct recycled materials to make a 'Fuzzy Pet'.

Year 1 will continue their learning with Madame Lambert. They will be learning numbers to 20 and some parts of the body. They will also continue to practise short conversations.

Indoor PE lessons
The class will be split into two groups of up to 15 children for their Indoor PE lessons with lessons being 30 minutes each due to hall space and distancing requirements. They will continue to have an opportunity to explore and promote their physical fitness and wellbeing through movement-based games, dance and yoga. In addition, over the term children will have an opportunity to create, devise and compose movement in response to classroom curriculum based topics and given stimuli such as music, visuals and text. Children will be encouraged and taught to share and develop the language to feedback and comment with an emphasis on team building, problem solving, communication, decision-making and actively encouraging peer learning.
Outdoor PE lessons
Children will continue to learn about personal space and how to travel safely following instructions. This will be achieved through a variety of fun and age related activities with story and action themes such as ‘their bodies’, the jungle, animals, colours and much more. Children will experience athletic training, obstacle courses, yoga, movement to music, mindfulness & wellbeing. Through interval training, athletics and

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Please ensure that your child wears appropriate P.E. kit on the correct days. As the weather is getting warmer children are encouraged to bring in a named water bottle.

Guided Reading
Thank you to the many parents that write a comment in their child’s reading record. Please use the reading record each week to inform your child’s class teacher on how your child enjoyed their guided reading book and how they progressed through it.
Please make sure that your child brings in their guided reading book and reading record each day as reading days may change. If you have any outstanding guided reading books please do bring them into school.
If you have any questions, please speak to us in the playground.

The Year 1 team

Rose Spring (1S)                       Emily Grove (1G)                     Lottie Wallace (1W)                      Gus Brooks (1B)                                                                                  

Hannah Coles (Assistant Headteacher – KS1 and Year 1 Leader)                

Download the Year 1 PSCHE letter

Download the Phonics Parent Workshop

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