Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been fantastic to welcome the children back into school for the final weeks of the Spring Term. We are extremely proud and grateful for the resilience and determination the children have showed this term. Thank you as well for your ongoing support throughout this academic year. 


Year Five children will study the incredibly powerful’ The Undefeated’ by Kwame Alexander and Kadir Nelson, which the former wrote as a tribute to both Samayah, his second daughter, and Barack Obama, the first African American president of the United States. The children will use this beautiful Caldecott Medal Winner to learn about the Black Americans depicted, before writing a biography of a Black Briton who might feature in a British version of the book. Following that, we will study New Kid by Jerry Craft. New Kid is a graphic novel which tells the story of a 12-year-old black boy, Jordan Banks, who experiences a culture shock when he enrolls at a private school.


This half term, Year 5 will start the term by learning about Position and Movement. This will involve naming and plotting points as well as describing translations and reflections. We will then move onto Measurements where the children will learn to convert units of length, mass and time. At the end of the half-term, we will move onto looking at Area and Perimeter which will involve finding the area and perimeter of both regular and irregular shapes.

Science – Classification and Lifecycles

We will start next half term but learning that all living things can be put into similar groups based on their characteristics. We will also learn that scientists use 5 Kingdoms and that these can be subdivided when classifying living things. At the end of the half term, we will move on to studying the lifecycles of animals. We will learn that most animals have 3 life stages and study both complete and incomplete metamorphosis.

Geography – The Amazon

In Geography, the children will be learning about the Amazon. They will study and learn key geographical features and also learn that human geographical features, such as farming and industry, can have an impact on the surrounding area. We will also study the global and local impact of deforestation.

PSCHE – Keeping Healthy and Safe

Children will be taught (at an age appropriate level) to think about what is safe and unsafe, who they can trust, assessing and managing risk, making choices, challenging stereotypes, getting help and taking responsibility. Please see the PSCHE letter for further details.

Art – Clay shoes

In their art lessons, Year 5 will be learning about the processes of a designer, from conception to market. They will look at a variety of shoe designers and go on to design and then construct a shoe with clay.


All children should come to school wearing their PE kit on their PE days. Clothes for PE should be in the school colours of light blue, navy blue or white, including suitable footwear. Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing such as t-shirts, caps and sun cream for when the weather gets warmer. We would ask that all PE kit, as with all school uniform, is clearly labelled with name and class to ensure safe return. It is particularly important that jewellery is not worn on PE days. 

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We are expecting 5CW to start swimming again once swimming pools reopen. They have 3 lessons left. Following this, 5MW will go swimming.

French – On Holiday

During this half term, pupils will be learning to name more countries. They will be able to prepare and confidently deliver a short talk about a holiday, using and adapting sentences from the unit that differ from the English sentence structure, with support (where, what, with who, when ) by using the present tense.


English ( and maths ( homework will both continue to be set on Wednesdays and should be completed by Monday. Mathletics will be set every week, and English will be set every other week.

Children will also be given a list of spellings in their Reading Records each week. They should practise spelling these words at home using a range of strategies (as shown in the Reading Records). They will then be tested on these spellings through dictations in class.

The children will be given a reading book and homework based on this book each week. They will need to complete this by their next reading day. We recommend that all children spend 40 minutes each day reading independently at home to improve fluency, vocabulary and confidence.

Children will need to bring their record to school with them every day. Please sign the record each week, as this is an essential form of parent/teacher communication and to show that your child has practised their spellings and that you have seen the reading homework.

Healthy Eating at Playtime

Children in KS2 can bring in a healthy snack to eat during break time. They are allowed to bring a piece of fresh or dried fruit or vegetable, or a small savoury sandwich. We would encourage the children to bring a small, labelled bottle of plain water to drink throughout the day.

Communication between home and school

It is important for your child’s safety that the school has two accurate contact numbers in case of an emergency but also for us to be able to contact you and discuss what is happening in school. Please can you check that home and any mobile contact numbers that have been sent into school are correct and up to date.

We aim to work in partnership with families to make your child’s time at school successful – if you have any queries concerning your child’s education or welfare please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, on the playground or through the office, and we will be glad to discuss your concerns with you.

Yours faithfully,

Caroline Wells (5CW and Year 5 Leader)    Siobahn Lindsay and Anna Biset (5BT)    Rob Firth (5F) 

 Mary Walker (5MW)


Download the Year 5 PSCHE letter

Year 5 Parent's Workshop Presentation

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