Reception Admissions

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Children start Reception in the academic year (September to August) that they have their 5th birthday. You should apply for a Reception place by mid-January of the year that your child starts Reception in September.

The deadline for applications for a primary school reception place for September 2022 has now passed. Applications for entry in September 2023 will open on 1 September 2022 and close in mid-January 2023.  


How to apply


All Reception Admissions are managed by Wandsworth Borough Council on our behalf. Please visit the Wandsworth website for more detailed information and to make an application. You can also contact them by email at or by telephone on 020 8871 7316.

On our Policies page, you can also download the Belleville Primary School admissions policy which gives details of the admissions prioritisation criteria.

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How are sites (Meteor Street or Webb’s Road) allocated for Reception?

Belleville School is one school located on two sites, Webb's Road and Meteor Street. After places have been offered and accepted, the school will ask parents/carers to say which site they prefer. This usually happens in early June. We will then allocate children to sites using the order in which places at the school were offered according to the Admission Criteria.

If you are offered a Reception place at Belleville School after 1st July, when class lists must be finalised, you will be offered a place at the site that has the space available at the time the offer is made. You can accept this place or decline it and stay on the waiting list (although we cannot guarantee that another space or the site you prefer will become available). Once the allocation is made on 1st July, the children will stay on that site for their time with us.

How are classes allocated?

After the 1st July, we use all of the information we have to create balanced classes on the site. In years where Meteor Street has one class, all children will be in the same class. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests from parents/carers based on friendships or other factors so that this process is fair and transparent.


What if I missed the deadline for Reception?


You can put in an application after the deadline and be added to the waiting list. The waiting list is kept in order of the Admissions Criteria so you may not automatically be at the bottom. As places become available, we will contact you to offer you a place. If this is after 1st July it will be at the Reception site that has a place available.