Autumn 1


Dear Parents / Carers,

Welcome back!

The new school year is here and we are very much looking forward to meeting our new classes; we hope you had a great summer and thank you for your continued support, especially over the last two years which have been challenging for so many. This letter outlines what your child will be learning in Autumn 1; it would be appreciated if you read this letter with your child so that they too can get excited about returning to school.

This is a crucial and exciting year for your children and we expect them to be punctual, focused and hard-working so that we can all help them achieve their full potential. We look to Years 5 and 6 to set an excellent example for the entire school and we are sure they will rise to the challenges that are put before them.

Secondary Transfer – Open Days and Presentation

Most secondary schools are offering in-person open days in the autumn term this year. We do recommend that you go and visit schools that you are interested in as parents/carers have told us they found it useful to look in Year 5 to get a sense of what the schools are like and then visit again when their child is in Year 6 before they make their decisions.

We have attached the open day information for Wandsworth schools to this email and you can easily find details for schools in other boroughs on their websites.

To keep your child’s attendance record up, please can you, whenever possible, bring your child in for registration (at 8.40am) and then sign them back out.

There is also a meeting on Thursday 9th September at 6pm where Mr Hudd (Assistant Headteacher) will give a presentation on the secondary transfer process; how it works, what to do and what to avoid as well as how we will be help your children and yourselves with these important decisions.

The meeting will be held on Zoom, you can join by clicking this link:

Meeting ID: 851 3664 2899

Passcode: rmmPj7

If you can’t make it, there is a recording from last year on the school website which will be updated next week:


This half-term, we will be studying some powerful and inspiring texts. Using Cloud Busting, a powerful story written in verse, by the multiple award-winning author Malorie Blackman (Children's Laureate from 2013-2015), children will reflect on friendship, bullying and belonging. This text will provide children with the opportunity to reflect on the story's themes, explore different poetic forms and to be inspired to write their own poems. After this, to develop their narrative writing, children will use The Book of Hopes, an anthology edited by Katherine Rundell, and a BFI animation to stimulate their own stories.


We will be developing the children’s mental agility with number and problem solving. They will also be focusing on place value and numbers to one million, developing their addition and subtraction skills with numbers of this size.

Science – Forces

Children will use their investigation and observation skills to learn about forces. They will explore the impact of gravity and friction as well as creating their own pulleys, gears and levers. The children will have the chance to make their own version of the ‘Bloodhound’ vehicle which has been built to break the land speed record.

Geography - Water and Natural Resources

This half-term, children will be learning about the different natural resources used and valued by mankind. They will then assess how these natural resources are used and whether we are using them in the most eco-friendly way. Part of their investigation will look at water access and usage around the world.

RE - Islam

Children will explore the important elements of belonging to the Islamic faith and the beliefs at the heart of the religion. They will also research how Islam is practised within homes and in the community.

PSCHE – Understanding Our Feelings

Over the whole Autumn Term, children will learn to reflect and develop their understanding of their own emotions, as well as improving their accuracy in the language they use to describe them.  We also look forward to circle time when the class will reflect upon developing effective relationships with others in their class.

Computing - Managing Online Information

This half-term, children will be learning how to keep themselves safe whilst spending time online. They will learn how to protect themselves and keep their personal information private and protected.


This half-term, Year 5 will be exploring music by the composer Johannes Brahms (Hungarian Dance No.5). They will learn about the composer and his life.   The children will develop skills that help them to identify the main features in a piece of music, such as the motif, chords, bass, rhythms and melodies.  Children will also develop their instrumental and performance skills by learning to play a part of the piece in an ensemble and then arrange their own version, composing rhythmic and melodic ostinato patterns over the top.

There are still some spaces left for children who want to carry on their music lessons on the instrument they had in Year 4 – these are reduced in cost for children entitled to Pupil Premium and free to child registered for Free School Meals. The letter attached to this email has the details – sign up by Monday 13th September.


Year 5 will be inspired by the Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, making observational drawings of a shoe that holds a memory for them. They will practise adding shading, value and texture and test materials to make informed choices about how to develop their drawing.


This half-term, we are excited to have a Surrey County cricket club coach coming in to work with Year 5: Ms Ogunyemi will work alongside the coach to deliver lessons on the fundamentals of cricket – batting, bowling and fielding.

Children will be working on movement and agility activities with a focus on muscular endurance and flexibility to help improve their overall fitness and fundamental movement skills. Children will be set personal challenges to achieve their personal bests over a period of weeks through HIIT training and circuits.

We will also explore other physical activities such as yoga, mindfulness and athletic based skills for running & jumping. Children will work independently, with partners and groups to solve problems, communicate and work creatively.

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As last year, children should come to school in their PE kit and do not need to bring their normal uniform to change back into. Please do make sure that they have warm enough clothes for the whole day e.g. some jogging bottoms if they wear shorts for PE.


This half-term, pupils will learn to ask for items in a shop, market or restaurant. They will learn to ask how much things cost as well learning some basic weights


English ( - fortnightly) and maths ( - weekly) homework will both be set on Wednesdays and should be completed by the following Monday. Homework will first be set on the 15th September; a separate letter will be sent home with login details and instructions.

Children will also be given a list of spellings in their Reading Records each week starting in the week commencing 13th September. They should practise spelling these words at home, using a range of strategies (as shown in the Reading Records). They will then be tested on these spellings through dictations in class in the following week.

Every pupil will be given a new Reading Record and Guided Reading homework will be set from the week commencing 13th September. In the Reading Record, the children can record and complete their reading homework as well as using it to record their independent reading both at home and at school (in the Wider Reading section). We will note your child’s reading targets for that half term in the record and comment on their reading and comprehension skills every two weeks. We recommend that all children spend at least 30 minutes each day reading independently at home to improve fluency, vocabulary and confidence.

Children will need to bring their Reading Record to school with them every day. Please sign the record each week, as this is an essential form of parent/teacher communication to show that your child has practised their spellings and that you have seen their reading homework.

Mobile Phones and Smart Watches

Some children are given mobile phones to let their parents know they have arrived/left school when they go home alone. All phones should be switched off when they come onto site and given to their teacher at the start of the day.

We strongly recommend that your child has a simple, cheap phone for this as expensive smartphones can unfortunately make them a target for street robberies.

Children should not be bringing smart watches to school for any reason and will be asked to hand these in if they do bring them.

Healthy Eating at Playtime

Children can bring in a healthy snack to eat during break time. They are allowed to bring a piece of fresh or dried fruit or vegetable, or a small savoury sandwich (no crisps, biscuits, sweets, yogurts, cakes etc please) – teachers will monitor these snacks to make sure they are suitable. There should be no foods containing nuts brought into school.


All children need to bring a small, labelled bottle of plain water to drink throughout the day and take it home each night to be washed. They can re-fill this bottle from the water stations in school during the day.

Communication between Home and School

In Year 5, many children start to come to school by themselves. If you would like your child to go home alone, please give written permission to your child’s class teacher.

At the end of the school day, your child must always say goodbye to their teacher before leaving the school premises.

In order to keep your child safe, teachers will only allow your child to go home with someone else provided you have clearly given advance permission to your child’s teacher or the school office.

It is important for your child’s safety that the school has two accurate contact numbers in case of an emergency but also for us to be able to contact you and discuss what is happening in school. Please ensure   that home and any mobile contact numbers that have been sent into school are correct and current.

We will work in close partnership with families to ensure your child’s time at school is successful – if you have any queries concerning your child’s education or welfare, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher on the playground or through the office and we will be glad to discuss any queries with you.

Yours faithfully,

Simon Hudd (5LH Thursday and Friday – Year Leader and Assistant Headteacher)   

Siobhan Lindsay (5LH Monday to Wednesday)

Rob Firth (5F)   

George Taylor (5GT) 

Mary Fraser (5M)

Suzie Telford (5ST)

Download the Year 5 PSCHE letter