Succession Planning

The role of Teaching Schools in 'succession planning' is around identifying leadership potential and supporting headship recruitment and retention.

The first part of this role involves finding and developing the headteachers of the future.

  • We run a range of Professional Development programmes for those moving into leadership roles, such as our middle leadership programme, our SENCO induction programme, coaching training etc. See our 'professional development' section for details.
  • For many years our well-established Deputy Development Group supported self-motivated deputy headteachers looking to develop their experience and skills. Deputies from across our alliance have worked together to share practice and discuss current issues.
  • We have facilitated bespoke training specifically for deputies, such as data/RAISEOnline workshops, improving the quality of teaching, mock headship interviews etc, as well as inter-school visits for deputies (locally, nationally and internationally).
  • We have organised a number of internships for deputies looking to gain experience in other school contexts.
  • We have supported local governors during the headship recruitment process, including support with advertising, shortlisting and interviewing.  

The second part of succession planning is about headteacher retention - i.e. helping new and existing heads to develop and feel supported in their role.

  • We have matched new and experienced headteachers together as part of a local mentoring programme.
  • We have supported new heads through one-to-one support and coaching
  • We have supported new and more experienced heads through our One One leadership programme, which helps heads develop a strong vision for themselves and their school.