At Belleville our ultimate goal of reading is comprehension.  Our aims are that all children

  • read independently,
  • develop understanding of what they have read
  • are engaged and motivated to read. 

Reading is taught in English lessons as well as group, guided reading sessions which take place daily.   These sessions provide children with access to a range of high quality texts. Teachers work with each group weekly on texts suitable for the reading skills of the children.  Reading diaries are used to set weekly homework at an appropriate level. As the level of comprehension deepens, written responses are increasingly demanding. Each child is set reading targets every half term.
Children are given the opportunity to choose their own books to read independently from the inviting book corner in every classroom at least once a week.
Teachers read aloud to the class regularly in our popular ‘reading enrichment’ sessions where love of reading and shared enjoyment is evident through the sharing of high quality texts of various styles. 

Early Reading and Phonics
Phonics is at the heart of teaching children to become independent readers.  Children are explicitly taught the sounds related to each letter or combination of letters and learn how to apply this knowledge when reading.  Both the reading and spelling of tricky or exception words are also taught so that children are encouraged to recognise these words on sight. Teachers follow Belleville’s systematic phonics programme of study for Nursery – Year 2.  The programme is broadly based on the Jolly Phonics programme. 

Download our Phonics policy
Download our Phonics programme of study for Nursery
Download our Phonics programme of study for Reception
Download our Phonics programme of study for Year 1
Download our Phonics programme of study for Year 2
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