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Welcome to Year 5

Dear Year 5 Parents and Carers,


Please find information below about the Year 5 summer term that will help you to support your children with their learning.



The children will read ‘Groosham Grange’ by Anthony Horowitz and ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ by Louis Sachar.  The writing techniques of the authors will be studied and used as inspiration for a range of fiction and non-fiction writing, such as non-chronological reports, a persuasive prospectus, debate and arguments and script writing. Once again, there will be a strong focus on grammar, punctuation and spelling.



The children will develop their knowledge of position and movement, which will involve naming and plotting points, describing translations and drawing reflections. They will also learn about measurements, including converting units of length, mass and time and reading temperature. The children will be measuring, estimating and working out the area and perimeter of shapes. Then they will be learning how to find the volume of solids, find the capacity of rectangular boxes and covert units of volume and how to write years in roman numerals.



In science, the children will continue to develop their enquiry skills such as making predictions and taking accurate measurements. They will learn about forces, including identify the effects of air resistance, water resistance, gravity and friction. Then the children will investigate the differences in the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds as well as reproduction in some plants and animals.



Our topic for the whole term will be ‘Should people be worried about water?’. Children will explore whether the Earth can run out of water, they will look at the driest and wettest parts of the world and learn about how water is made safe to drink.



This half term, the children will study poverty and wealth as part of RE.  



During the second half term, we will be conducting a series of lessons about changes and puberty in PSCHE. You will receive a separate letter with more details about this nearer the time.



The DT topic towards the end of the second half term is ‘Moving Toys’. The children will explore a range of cam mechanisms before designing, making and evaluating their own moving toys.












The children will learn about composers and music history through the study of two more pieces from the BBC ten pieces. They will learn how to play simple motifs and compose their own pieces using both garage band on iPads and musical instruments.  Year 5 will also be going to see the BBC symphony play the ten pieces at the Barbican in the second half of the term (more details to follow).


In ICT, the children will be using the ‘Book Creator’ program on iPads to make their own non-fiction text about our Solar System.  Following this, the children will learn how to film and edit their own movie clips which will be linked with the English work about the book ‘There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom’.


In art, Year 5 will be creating a self-portrait in the style of Pop artist Julian Opie in the first half of the summer term. They will then experiment with printing techniques from drawing studies they have made of London Landmarks in the second half term.


The topic for the summer term is actions. During the course of the unit, pupils will learn useful prepositions, as well as a selection of common verbs and how to use them with simple adverbs. They will also learn how to use the past tense.




Gymnastics (indoor)

Games (outdoor)





Wednesday period 3

Tuesday period 1

Tuesday period 2

Monday period 3

Thursday period 3

Monday afternoon

Monday afternoon

Thursday period 2


All of Year 5 will have gymnastics and games. During games lessons the children will practice fundamental movement skills for athletics. This includes running, jumping and throwing disciplines in preparation for their sports day events. 

During the second half term, the children will practice the skills for fielding and striking with a variety of games to practice their throwing, retrieving, fielding, batting and aiming.   Children need to remember to bring their kit on the correct days. Please can you make sure it is suitable for the weather conditions on the day. Children may come to school in their PE kit if the lesson takes place before break (period 1 or 2), but they must bring their school uniform to change into afterwards.  

I will be starting my maternity leave today. Ms Meredith will be covering the role of Year 5 Leader in my absence. Please do not hesitate to contact her in the playground before and after school if you have any queries or problems.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the year.

Yours sincerely,

Sophie Vanuxem
Deputy Headteacher




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