Year 5

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Welcome to Year 5

Dear Year 5 Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to a new term. We have many exciting things planned for Year 5 over the coming weeks. Please find details below that will help you to support your children with their learning. 


The weekly online homework began yesterday. It will continue to be set on Wednesdays and is due to be completed by the following Monday. If your child has lost or forgotten their log in details please ask them to get these from their class teacher.

Important dates

Parents Evening: Thursday 22nd February

Family assemblies, 3:05pm bottom hall:

5W: Thursday 18th January

5G: Thursday 25th January

5CW and 5AV (Meteor): Thursday 1st February


Wandsworth Junior Citizenship trip (further details to follow):

5AV and 5CW: Thursday 8th March

5W and 5G: Thursday 15th March


Royal Observatory Planetarium trip (further details to follow):

5W and 5G: Monday 26th March

5AV and 5CW: Wednesday 28th March


In English, we will study different text types, beginning with narrative. We will focus on the short animation, The Piano, by Aidan Gibbons. We will work on developing writing skills to convey emotion and build atmosphere. Next, we will study ‘The Lady of Shalott’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson, in which we will study the effects of figurative language. Then we will study the life of Roald Dahl before writing his biography. Finally, we will explore poetic style by reading a variety of poems. Please support your children with learning their weekly spelling lists that they are tested on in class. These are sent home in your child’s reading record.


In mathematics, the children will study fractions: improper, proper and equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering fractions and calculating with them. This will lead on to decimals and percentage equivalences and solving problems involving these.

Following this, the children will study geometry where they will measure and draw angles and work out how to find missing angles.


In science, the children will explore reversible and irreversible changes such as burning and rusting. Next, the children will explore Earth and beyond where they will learn about our solar system, what makes a day and a year and the different phases of the moon. The trip to the Royal Observatory Planetarium, Greenwich will support their learning of this topic.


Our humanities topics this term have a local focus.  In history, we will be researching significant local people and in the second half of the spring term, we will be studying the uses and features of our local area in geography. 

The focus in RE will be Life’s big questions,’ considered from the perspective of a number of religions. In PSCHE, our topic will be keeping safe which will include drug education.


The children will have music with Ms Hughes. They will explore the compositions of Valkyries by Wagner for the first half term and Mars by Holst the second half term. They will learn about the composer, period and purpose of these pieces of music. Following this, the children will then compose music in the styles of these pieces.


In French, Madame Lambert will be teaching the topic of hobbies. The children will talk about types of music they like or dislike listening to and will also explain which musical instruments they do or don’t play. Pupils can revise on if they choose to.

Art and ICT

Art will be taught by Ms Green. The children will use iPads to make landscape drawings inspired by David Hockney. They will use the layer tool to build the image and to make textures seen in the landscape.‚Äč  

Mr Lynch will teach a day of ICT where he will support the ICT elements of the art project.

The ICT days are on the following dates:

5G - Thursday 18th January

5CW - Thursday 25th January

5W - Thursday 1st February

5AV - Wednesday 7th February (at Webb’s Rd)


In PE, Ms Ogunyemi will teach dance this half term, focusing on the intermediate and advanced jive steps. The children will be working together as boy girl partners where possible, as this is how the dance is performed, with each partner having different roles to learn.  All of Year 5 will have games during which they will practice fundamental movement skills for invasion games. Children need to ensure that they have suitable PE kit for outdoor colder weather and in school on the correct days.

A reminder that children can wear PE kit to school if they have PE before break (period 1 and 2), but do need to bring in their uniform for afterwards. If PE is after break, children should come to school in their school uniform. Those that have PE clubs before school are still expected to change into uniform during register time.


Games (outdoor)

Dance (indoor)





Thursday (period 3)

Monday (period 4)

Monday (period 4)

Friday (period 4)

Monday (period 4)

Thursday (period 2)

Friday (period 3)

Thursday (period 3)



At the end of the term, the children will be designing, making and decorating their own biscuits.  The children will need to bring a standard sized baking tray and Tupperware box from home for this project (more details to follow).

Thank you for your continued support.

With kind regards, 

Sophie Vanuxem (Deputy Headteacher and 5AV teacher)

Fiona Allan (5AV teacher)    

Daniel Griffin (5G teacher)  

Caroline Wells (5CW teacher)

India Willis (5W teacher)


Download the Year 5 presentation