Year 5

Download the Royal Observatory Greenwich trip letter

Welcome to Year 5

Dear Year 5 Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to a new term. We have many exciting things planned for Year 5 over the coming weeks. Please find details below that will help you to support your children with their learning.  


The weekly online homework began yesterday. It will continue to be set on Wednesdays and is due to be completed by the following Monday. If your child has lost or forgotten their log in details please ask them to get these from their class teacher.

Important dates

Wandsworth Junior Citizenship trip (download the letter):

5V and 5W: Tuesday 7th March

5KW and 5A: Monday 13th March


In English, we will study different text types, beginning with narrative. We will focus on the short animation, The Piano, by Aidan Gibbons. We will work on developing writing skills to convey emotion and build atmosphere. Next, we will study ‘The Lady of Shalott’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson, in which we will study the effects of figurative language. Then we will study the life of Roald Dahl before writing his biography. Finally, we will explore poetic style by reading a variety of poems.

We will continue to teach the spelling and grammar objectives as outlined in the leaflet sent home in the autumn term such as, using relative clauses, using devices to build cohesion within a paragraph and using a dictionary and thesaurus to improve vocabulary choices.

Learning to spell words from the Year 5 list will be ongoing and as well as study of the year 5 spelling patterns including converting nouns or adjectives into verbs using suffixes e.g. -ate, -ise, -ify, spelling words ending in -ant, -ance/-ancy, -ent, -ence/-ency, spelling words ending in -able and -ible, also –ably, -ibly and understanding verb prefixes e.g. dis-, de-, mis-, over- and re-.

 The children will also be focusing on improving and refining their handwriting skills so that handwriting is neat, joined and fluent.


In mathematics, we have started the term by consolidating and deepening learning of the topics covered in the autumn term. Children will then practice solving word problems across all operations. We will spend some time studying data through reading tables and line graphs. Following this, the children will study fractions: improper, proper and equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering fractions and calculating with them. This will lead on to decimals and percentage equivalences and solving problems involving these.


In science, the children will learn how to identify, compare and classify a variety of materials according to their properties and uses. They will explore how mixtures can be separated and will study reversible and irreversible changes. Next, the children will explore the reproduction of plants and animals. They will also be planning different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions, and will report their results and conclusions in a variety of ways.


Our humanities topics this term have a local focus.  In history, we will be researching significant local people and in the second half of the spring term, we will be studying the uses and features of our local area in geography. 

The focus in RE will be Life’s big questions,’ considered from the perspective of a number of religions. In PSCHE, our topic will be keeping safe and include drug education.


In music, Mr Taylor will be teaching the children about composition with music technology.


The works of Julian Opie will be studied by the children in art this term. They will then have the opportunity to create their own pop art self-portraits using his techniques.


In PE, Ms Ogunyemi will teach dance this half term, focusing on the intermediate and advanced jive steps. The children will be working together as boy girl partners where possible, as this is how the dance is performed, with each partner having different roles to learn.

All of Year 5 will have games during which they will practice fundamental movement skills for invasion games. Children need to ensure that they have suitable PE kit for outdoor colder weather and in school on the correct days.

A reminder that children can wear PE kit to school if they have PE before break (period 1 and 2), but do need to bring in their uniform for afterwards. If PE is after break, children should come to school in their school uniform. Those that have PE clubs before school are still expected to change into uniform during register time.


Games (outdoor)

Dance (indoor)





Games (outdoor)

Monday (period 1)

Monday (period 1)

Monday (period 4)

Wednesday (period 4)

Tuesday (period 2)

Thursday (period 3)

Friday (period 2)

Friday (period 1)



Mr Lynch will be teaching ICT this term for a full day:

5V – Tuesday 10th January

5KW – Tuesday 17th January

5W – Monday 16th January

5A – Wednesday 25th January

The children will be using Raspberry Pi computers and Pibrellas to control inputs and outputs such as Switches and LEDs using a Scratch visual coding language.


At the end of the term, the children will be designing, making and decorating their own biscuits.  

Thank you for your continued support.

With kind regards,

Sophie Vanuxem (5V)    Kerry Walles (5KW)    Fiona Allan (5A)     India Willis (5W)
(Year Leader)

Download the Year 5 presentation 

Download the Year 5 SPAG letter 2015/16


Article Image


By Ivana Clapperton

Independence is being yourself,

Not pushed around, or tucked on a shelf

It’s being proud,

And talking loud,

And taking your own path.


It’s your choice what to do

It’s always good to learn something new

You choose what to think

Try and float, not sink

Do what is best for you.


Be independent and be free

Act for yourself and not for me

You are yourself

Yourself is you

Life is all about what you do.


Choose what feels right

From feel and from sight

Turn your own way

Never let hope decay…

(Hanan Abdu)

The smelly, stinky paint
Smells like slimy, slithery soap
But still tastes like lovely licorice
So loud so poor
Sounds like a gentle, calm depressing animal
But when you touch it
Is like a soft, smooth paper
In its heart it feels so abandoned
Everyone stepping on the paint
Screeching, so full of sorrow, they have no choice
“Help! Help! Please I’m so sorry I didn’t choose to be here”
So blue, so poor, so abandoned.

(Rachael Agege)

Mournfully the tree saw a bird feeder
Attached to an isolated tree trunk
He wished that the bird feeder was never there
The bird feeder was invading his space
Bird feeder feels that he belongs
He found his destination for now

Unnoticed Nature (Christian Bertrand)

The lush, green moss soft and sweet
Making the happy blackbird tweet
Soaking leaves drooping in the rain
Hard and spikey like lion’s mane
Orange and crisp like a toffee
Next to the tree that tastes of coffee
The mournful snakes tasted of cakes
Sad to be put with the man-made ladder
All our nature crammed up unnoticed
All our nature
Dead and hopeless

The Shouting Wall
(Lottie Blackburne-Maze)

As the wall was shouting at the hideous climbing frame
The main bit was they were shouting all night

Wendy House Laughing! (Lottie Blackburne-Maze)

As the horrendous house was laughing at the dirty bin
He was winning to do a horrid plan
“At least I get to eat, you dead animal”

The Wet Wall! (Lottie Blackburne-Maze)

The freezing cold wall drips but more and more water
NO children but still it’s alive

Nature Wonderland
(Maddie Blinkhorn-Jones)

The mushrooms smell like ivory
The green moss deserves some friends
Hear the delicate trees crackling
The roots of the trees have blades
So he wont be disturbed from that cold sleep
Mournfully the tree realized
A wooden bird feeder
As brown as a garden shed
Clung onto the floor for dear life
The tree feels sorrow because it’s in plastic grass
The plastic grass feels homesick from the forest
The plastic grass feels scared because it’s getting wet

The Sticks
(Dontay Burke-Wallace)

Wearily, the ladders realized that the snake was made of sugar
So the ladders were happy to eat the snakes all up

Stop it annoying orange! (Dontay Burke-Wallace)

The annoying orange is annoying every wildlife

Stinky Tree
(Dontay Burke-Wallace)

As the bird feeder box is there
The slimy, gross tree has a friend
The tree is ticked off because
The grass is full of slimy worms and bugs
While the tree has a bath
The tree’s stinky but now clean
Because of the rain the grass stays stinky
So the tree is so angry

That Annoying Grass!
(Dontay Burke-Wallace)

Grass and flowers
The flowers get really annoyed
Because the grass is full of bogies
And the flowers smell nice and fresh

Miracles Happen
(Qiu Qiu Chen)

Alone, parted from its beloved friend
Moved away from tall the freshness of flowing nature
Punched into the hard, wet, ungrateful ground
Surrounded by the horrible spikiness of fake green
Not a bit of lovely peace
Weeping nobody here
No-one to comfort the poor sad tree
Happily new trees are planted
Gratefully the tree shakes its branches
Now it isn’t alone
Nature rules over man made

Jelly Snakes and Licorice Ladders
(Nia Dale-Dawkins)

The snakes slither onto the licorice ladders angrily
A welcome relief the ladders thought from that irritating itch

The Green and Yellow Plants
(Nia Dale-Dawkins)

Mournfully the green plants realized a long wooden plant
As yellow as the sun, it clung on for dear life

Bob the Plant
(Lucas Dutton)

Sitting in a tiny crack
Chatting to a tree
With a Cali accent
Two giants found me
With huge boards and what they call paper
They were nice to me
They named me Bob
I liked that name
I never had a name before
Now I am famous
With all the other plants
I’m Bob the Plant
Not just a boring weed.

Nature vs manmade
(Olivia Fanning)

As the tree tiredly dozed off
He could hear a cough
Gradually his eyes widened
And he saw a bird feeder
A litter of anger grew inside him
He shaked, he jumped
He would chuck it off
He thumped
The tree decided to go green with rage

As the concrete dozed off
He could feel a tingle
He could feel a chuckle
As a green weed bounced around the concrete
It was super the weed talking, green with envy

The Nature Speaks
(Elena Fitzpatrick)

The lush emerald green bush
Shone in the golden spotlight of the sun
Its branches taste like newly baked bread
And the leaves of butter galore
Slowly it realized it was imprisoned
A dull gate the colour of algae

Mournfully the tree realized a wooden old bird feeder
As brown as a garden shed abandoned
Clung on for dear life

Some roots buried under a concrete prison
As sharp as a woodcutter’s blade
Slithered under my feet
The concrete was popular an did not care

The Magical Field
(Elena Fitzpatrick)

The rolling hills flowed freely
As a sparrow glided with the wind
A deer sprinted
As a chestnut owl called
A horse galloped passionately
Its forelock flying with a breeze
A cow and a sheep grazed together in harmony

(Manon Gambier-Ellis)

Depressed tree, long and stiff
Two eyes watching a child
Without bark

It was real and surprising
As well but he was just
Brown and dull in his life

I am something like
That but stronger and
Fears, but trees are never
Left alone they go through
With a smile on
their face

(Manon Gambier-Ellis)

No-one pays attention
He’s a piece of old moss
Lying on the wall
Alone and disturbed
He is not the only one
There’s a whole lot of them lying
Around, screaming their heads
Off and crackling to the ground

(Monica Grana-Perez)

The fake grass wiggles underneath the tall trees
Mournfully the tree realized, a wooden bird feeder,
As brown as a garden shed clung on for dear life to it
The tree outside 5N’s classroom is sad and depressed
When Mr Nour closes the window
Trees surrounded by fake grass
and flowers surrounded by plastic boxes
Green moss growing out of the ground
The house feels sad because it is dead
The window feels sad because it used to be sand

(Joel Holland)

Lying on the floor
Forgotten and squishy
Sadly the moss looked up at the towering pole
That towered above it
It felt annoyed that this was its way to freedom

The pole was as tall as any building
It loved the feeling of terrorizing the poor moss underneath
It was hard and only the strongest item could knock it down

Poking out of a tiny crack
A tiny plant
Was chatting to a tree
That had a Californian accent
The plant’s voice was high pitched
And it tasted like turnips
The tree was
The size of the Eifel Tower
And it tasted like mash potato
It was soggy
And warm
Now back to the plant
Which now had a name
From two big people
Who named him Bob

The Winter Tree
(Charlotte Howcroft)

Missing its leaves
The friendly visitors
That cheep and chirp and around
Waiting for spring to come to life

Its seeds can spread
Pop out as saplings
Growing and growing
As tall as me

But in the playground
Its seeds can’t spread
And it doesn’t have space for its roots
It gets battered and bruised

It’s not looked after
And no one cares

(Jackson Kiernan-Clarke)

One day out in the playground I saw the unwanteds
I spotted an unwanted pencil floating in an unwanted puddle
For the pencil it was a lake of shimmering water
Next to that charming lake was a dull old unwanted tree
Who looked down at the pencil everyday
And really wanted to go down and play
One day he did go down and play
Then he was happy for the rest of his days

The taken over house
(Jackson Kiernan-Clarke)

One day a house,
An almost normal house
It was covered up in vines
The windows
The door
The everything!
I couldn’t see in and
I bet no one could see out!

The Lonely Outside
(Imogen Maile)

Alone and friendless
The tree stands weakly
It screams as the forgiving blind
Excludes it sorrowfully
Cold, isolated and mournful

The moss, frail and brown
It knows another winter
It won’t make it
It feels outnumbered on the well used wall
Frustrated, lonely and confused

Nature meets man-made
Annoyed and disheartened by fake grass
Day by day it is never alone
Fake grass as sharp as knives
Desperate, excluded and forever disturbed

The Grass and Tree
(Kae-Chan Martin Williams)

The grass feels depressed as the tree grows through it
Thr tree feels alone as it only has fake grass to cover its feet at night

Tree and Mud
(Kae-Chan Martin Williams)

As here in England we have lots of rain
The tree loves to get it everyday
As it washes itself everyday
The mud messes it up and laughs in pain
As the tree says the more you laugh the more you feel pain

(Romeo McPherson)

A real big tree feels upset
Because it is on fake grass
The fake grass feels angry
With the tree for being in its place
Then the grass starts to erupt
Then the tree noticed that
There was a bird on it
The tree had problems with birds
Like laying eggs on it
And tapping it
And making a home on it
He got so angry with the bird
And slapped it

The Playground
(Aidan Oakley)

On the wall snakes and ladders lay
See the snakes’ scaly bodies
Slithering through the ladders
Destroying the ladders’ itches

(Aidan Oakley)

On the tree a bird-box hung
The tree said
“Find a new tree, I’m losing my balance”
The bird-box didn’t reply

(Nathan Odeleye)

The snake slithers onto the licorice ladders
With an irritating itch
“What a relief”
Squeaked the ladder
“Thank you”
Mournfully the poor tree was stuck
In the wood and wanted to be FREE!
“This is boring”
Sighed the tree
“Go away”
Sneered the wood,
Who was protecting the tree

Elegant Beautiful Nature
(Tiffany Okoli)

Bird feeder hanging on all sorts of trees
It looks like a colourful shed
Now and then the sweet tweeting of the birds
Sings a gentle lullaby
At night slowly the trees and plants
Fall into the most peaceful sleep in the world
Elegant beautiful nature around the whole world
In the funniest places
Some grow to the moon
Some stay as small as a raindrop

In trees birds lay eggs
And the first thing they see is a tree
And the tree is its home
And it will never forget the tree
That’s what makes a tree happy
Nature smells as beautiful as a rose
Carried through the world
Nature is beautiful because nature is better
You can hear the leaf ruffling in the wind
You can feeling the smooth leaves shaking
As you just drop a finger on a diamond like a leaf

See the beautiful nature everywhere
They are alive they do
Grow and think and feel
So look after nature

The Screaming Tree
(Izzy Penny)

As the tree sadly sat
It got taken into a box
It was lonely
As the sun went down the children liked to eat it
And it tasted like cotton floss
Please, let me free!
Screams came out of the tree as no one heard i
Smaller and smaller became the tree
Slowly people started eating him

The House
(Izzy Penny)

Lonely, the house sat it had been cut down
People jumped and screamed in it
Its tearful eyes cried everyday
As years went by it slowly died down

The Peaceful Place

(Izzy Penny)

Happily, the grass sat on the ground
As children came in everyday
People said it tasted of cherry strips
It was happy to finally be of some good use!

(Victor Pillon)

As I looked in the school garden
I could see the plant moaning and crying
“I want to be bigger for the poor squashed soil”
The miniature damp soil was sad
“I’m squashed,” he cried
You could touch the wet plant
That smelled really nice and tasted of Haribos
The plant was dull as grey paint
The soil itself smelled nice and tasted like fizzy Haribos
It had slightly more colour than the plant
But it was still dull
It was brown

The Playground
(Kai Providence)

Trees block the blazing sunlight
Not a relief for the ground
Rain dripping on the grass making it soggy and sad
“Rain why do you do this? To make me look bad?”
“You’re not the only one sad.”
“I guess so, there’s even a giraffe on the roof”
“So there is, but we can’t help him he’ll just have to deal with the truth.”

(Milo Rothfuss-Moore)

Mournfully, the perfect astroturf sensed unhappily
Cold damp mushroom that tastes mouldy
Luckily they are still, but feel mad
The overwhelming plant sits on some soil
Happy about his habitat and all
Frozenly, the tree saw the bird feeder
Hanging on for dear life
Lush moss, soft and green
Stuck to the brick wall
Unhappy about its seating
Real nature mixed with fake
Angry with the horrible rake

Flowers with grass
(Charlie Rowe)

The colourful flowers pleaded for humans to come.
The orange-ness raged for the sun to run
When the sound of the ovens come the taste of candy cheerfully went
So now the flowers were dull
The grass next to it laughed for fun

Nature in the playground
(Omah Ryan)

Trees feel upset because they are being
Turned into things
And they never get any rest
Trees are trying to escape
From their prison under concrete
Nature growing through the hole cracks
Plants feel amazing because they are getting fed

(Anna Varley)

Standing alone and uncared for the tree in the playground
Sad and weak it doesn’t look like it is going to make it
As the sherbert drains into mould
Shivering in the wind the tree should get a jumper
“I feel left out. What about you moss?” the tree said sadly
The frail old bit of moss sits on the wall, more angry than anyone
Outnumbered by the wall, no-one ever cares for it
“One day I will get my revenge. You can count on me”
grumbled the moss.

Whisk it away
(Anna Varley)

Never will the trees forget
The horrible time when
Fake plants and grass around it
The cold wood and
Crumbly leaves
How dare people do this?
Why can’t we be in the forest?
That’s where we belong,
We live there.

The horrible times when
There was crumbling leaves
Cut down trees
All for us yes us the humans
Taking down other’s life and world we never care
Taking down other’s life and world we never care
It all is worthless why do they even try?
With saws and tools we believe we can win
Save nature and everyone will be happy
Well they care
We can be very selfish
We can be very selfish.

(Hugo Zadig)


As I watch the soft
Squidgy moss grow
I hear it talking

“Play with me”
The lush lonely moss
Sticks on the wall
Like glue
Snakes and ladders:

The snakes slither onto the
Licorice ladders
With a loud hissing sound

“A welcome relief”
Said the ladder
From that irritating itch


The tree is as tall as the
Eifel Tower
Tastes of percy pig
“I am from California”
said the Californian tree whilst
looking at the child

After listening to a Pie Corbett poem we came up with this amazingly imaginative poem from a game of poem consequences! Each child contributed one line and then passed it on.



When I Heard the Music by 5J


Ballerinas danced endlessly like glittering stars,
A massive war broke everyone’s heart,
A Lord of the Rings battle raged,
And the sun rose from below.

When I heard the music,
Danger came closer,
Teeth gleamed, white and razor sharp,
And stampeding bulls thundered down the hills.

When I heard the music,
There was terrifying scary voices,
Water dripped into a pool,
And fired crackled until it was burnt out.

When I heard the music,
Anger and frustration washed over me,
Intense men clashed swords, shouting for their lives,
And fireworks exploded into stardust all around me.

When I hear the music,
Gladiators fought in front of me,
A blackness crept over the city,
And lightsabers hit each other.

When I heard the music,
A dangerous stampede thunderously chased me,
Stars burst like glittering beads,
As a lonely heart was trapped alone.

When I heard the music,
A child ran away from home,
Tears splashed from my eyes, making blotchy marks,
A shower of arrows thudded down
And I remembered a scarlet coat,
Its warmth wrapping around me.

When I heard the music,
A sunny golden Autumn sunset came into my mind,
Flamingos danced their way to freedom,
And lightening turned into sun rays.

When I heard the music,
I pictured ballerinas dancing on a stage,
Calm, relaxing, sweet birds tweeted in my ears,
And a sound began to play in the air.

When I heard the music,
Birds tweeted in the branches,
A big fat chick sang gangnam style,
Stars fluttered around the moon
And fire took over the world.

When I heard the Music

by Justin 5L

When I heard the music
I saw people running to the unknown world
The brain terror of the world
My heart bounded out of breath
Bam! I was there.

When I heard the music
It was like two armies were at war
Everyone trapped inside
Devastation passed through the battle field
Everyone screaming in fear.

When I heard the music
Two people can not see each other
A whole new adventure
Peoples family meeting each other
The moon is bright like fireworks.

When I heard the music
I was blinded by beauty
I was in an exotic island
I saw composing music
Everyone was celebrating.

Too many secrets by Kae-Chan Martin

The Penguin’s Secret
I hate swimming under water
I am so afraid
I will tell everyone just to get away
It is too wet and sticky
I want to get away
Maybe someday I would be able to fly away

The Lion’s Secret
I hate to roar, people are afraid
I only try to be friendly day and day
It is my cool way to say, “Hay!”
But maybe someday I will try again
But for now I will lay in my den

The Chick’s Secret
Us chicks are not what you think
Our mothers are the sun
And that’s whre we got our bright
Belly from.

When I heard the music by Isabelle Penny

When I heard the music, I could see a world of happiness evolve around me.
Where the wind would behave in a good and sensible way,
where the trees were blowing and everything was flowing.
The sun could shine right on time then the sun would set and it was time for bed.

When I heard the music, it wasn’t time for games, it wasn’t time for bed it was time to sit and watch the sun set.


When I heard the music
by Sonny, 

When I heard the music
A clan of angels clapped their gossamer wings,
A golden sunset shone on the bright autumn leaves.
The glittering snow gleamed like Christmas lights.

When I heard the music
Angry men shouted for their livesd,
Chariots raced through the streets,
Lions were being unleashed into the Battle area.

When I heard the music
I was put into a calming position,
It reminded me of the colour Blue.
It felt like I was beside the sea.

When I heard the music

When I heard the music
A massive war broke everyones heart,
Demons danced around a burning city,
And tears rained from the forgotten clouds.

When I heard the music
Sun rays turned to fog,
A lonely heart was trapped alone,
And a child ran away from home.

When I heard the music
Fireworks exploded from dark clouds,
Someone stole the sun from the world,
And the halos from the angels disappeared.

When I heard the music
Fire took over the world,
The screams echoed round the heavens,
And all that was left was ash.