Year 4

Download the Year 4 letter with key dates and events for the autumn term. 

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to another term in Year 4! We have already had lots happening in school and are looking forward to a successful term. The school day begins at 9.05. It is important that all children are on time so that they do not miss the register or the beginning of the first lesson, which starts at 9.15.


This term started with looking at fiction. Children have been producing stories set in imaginary worlds, based on our class text The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Following this, the children will develop their understanding of poetic form. The term will continue with a focus on stories from other cultures- with a particular emphasis on retelling and understanding their messages. For spelling, our focus will be homophones and suffixes, in addition to consolidating spelling patterns from the Autumn term. Grammar will focus on the correct use of paragraphs.


This term we will be focusing on developing a secure understanding of multiplication and division, fractions and data. We will focus on ordering fractions, understanding mixed numbers and finding equivalent fractions through problem solving. In addition to this, we will be looking at data including bar and line graphs. Year 4 continue to work on the times tables and related division facts, from the 2x to 12x, with a particular focus on the 6 and 9 times tables.


Our topic is ‘Good Vibrations’. The children are learning about sound, including how it is created, the way it travels and how it is processed by the ear. The children will explore how sounds can be varied, and the way sound travels through solids, liquids and gases. Our focus for the second half of the term will be ‘Circuits and Conductors’. The children will learn about electricity and have the opportunity to investigate and build circuits. They will be able to represent these circuits using scientific symbols.


We are studying Ghana, focusing on the village of Sanka, close to the coastal town of Elmina. Children will be using different geographical sources, ICT and maps to problem solve and ask questions. We will also consider how the quality of life in Ghana could be improved.


Our topic this term is Believing and Belonging within the Hindu faith. This will include learning about religious traditions and how these can impact on culture. 


In the second half of the term, the children will be looking at the topic of ‘Keeping safe and Healthy’. They will be unpicking what this involves and will explore different ideas and scenarios. More detailed information will be sent before we start teaching this unit.


This term Year 4 will be taking inspiration from Damien Hirt’s work. They will make their own 3D sculptures with wire and modelling material. Also, they will be learning about African Adinkra printing- making their own stamps to tell a story with a message.


In each class the children, in groups of ten, will continue to be taught brass, string or woodwind instruments by a specialist instrumental tutor.  The children will continue to learn a musical instrument for the full academic year. We enc


To complement our science topic on electricity the children will design and make a ‘lighting-up’ object.


The children will be working on computer programming using the Lego Mindstorms software. They will learn to sequence a series of instructions to manipulate their ‘Casterbots’. 


Online English and maths homework will continue to be set on Wednesdays and should be completed by Monday morning as we use this to review in lessons on Monday. This homework should take no longer than 40 minute for your child to complete in each subject. If your child is struggling to complete it in this time, please let us know and we can adjust the amount and/or difficulty of what is being set for your child.

Children will continue to receive weekly reading homework in their reading records. This will be based on the discussion from their reading session and should be completed in their reading record. Please ensure their reading record is returned in time for the following week’s session. Times tables up to 12x12 should be practiced regularly to build up speed and fluency, including division facts.

Spelling journals will be returned weekly, children should be practicing these spellings at home.


The weather continues to get getting colder and wetter so children require a complete change of clothes for PE including suitable footwear. Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing.  We would also ask that all school uniform and lunchboxes be clearly labelled with name and class to ensure safe return.

PE Days and Times –


  Outdoor  Indoor





Wednesday – games

Monday – games

Monday - games

Thursday  - games

Monday - gym

Tuesday am - gym

Wednesday am - swimming

Monday am – gym


All children are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack for break time. This should consist of fruit, vegetables or a small savory sandwich. It is also advisable that the children bring in a bottle of water, labelled with their name, on a daily basis. 

Teachers are available before and after school in the playground. If you are unable to speak to us at drop-off or pick-up times for any reason, please make an appointment to discuss any queries or concerns through the school office.


Kind Regards


Sarah Johnson                  

Lizzie Von Schweinitz              

Anna Richards               

Beth Ashton  

Download the Year 4 Presentation Notes

Download the Year 4 SPAG letter 2015/16

Year 4 Poetry


What is the moon?

Speckled with crumbs,

A pale, white dinner plate.

On a black velvet blanket,

A shimmering, shining coin.

In the depths of the dark ocean,

A round, smooth pebble.

A bright stitch,

On a piece of dark, soft cotton.

In a dark, dark sky,

The only dim light.

A light implanted,

In the darkness.

A small light speck

In a dark eye.

Carefully, placed as a friend

For the sun.

By Emma 4R

My dog


My dog is barking mad.

He can run in circles so fast he is just a blur.


My dog loves walks.

Every time we go for one he runs at least ten miles.


My dog loves mud.

When he has a bath the water is so brown, you can’t even see the white of the bath.


My dog is my best friend.

I love my dog and he loves me, we are never apart.

By Phoebe 4R


My BFF is great.

Her kindness tingles in my head like bells.

If she was in a strip cartoon her words would be in terrifically stylish letters

all the time.

She makes everyone sound glum.

 She’s the only person I know who’s like me.


Eleonore 4R



Within the darkness,

In the night a figure is slaying

With all its might.

A silhouette of death, a shadow of glory

Is it a griffin?

Is it a horse?

Is it a God of Darkness killing at midnight?

No, no why didn’t I think?

It’s a scaly beast glinting in the moon light.



It’s breathing fire of beautiful


Setting the thatch houses

In foods of tears.




Houses collapsing

One by one.

Eyes of fury

Wings of death,

The sun’s starting to rise.



It’s a dragon.


William Walsh


It is a delicious river filling me like the sun fills the earth.

 Light and warmth.

It is thin ropes piled up with some red clumpy sauce in a bowl.

It is warm heaven filling my stuffed stomach.

It is woollen strings mixed with some mushy tomatoes.

Spaghetti is a part of my life I will never forget!


Tabi 4R