Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Dear Parents/Carers,

The children have worked extremely hard this half term and should be proud of their efforts. Outlined below is a brief overview of what will be covered next half term. We hope you will find this useful.


• Extended story writing, based on The Enormous Crocodile and The Twits, books written by Roald Dahl

• Instruction writing based on Revolting Recipes, also by Roald Dahl

• Continuing to work on phonics and handwriting. Please continue to support your children with their weekly spellings in their reading records.

• Continuing to focus on improving grammar, including punctuation and different suffixes.


• Measuring and comparing mass, volume and temperature.

• Solving word problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

• Reading and creating picture graphs.

• Please continue to practice the 2, 5 and 10 times tables including the division facts for these times tables with your child.


Our topic this half term is Materials – Shaping Up. The children will be learning about different properties of materials and how they can be changed using pushes and pulls.


Our key question this half term is “How are places the same and different?” The children will be learning about the island of Coll in Scotland, and Jamaica. They will then compare these islands to London to see how places around the world can be similar and different.


The children will be using control technology using the Blue-Bots.


The children will be building a collaborative city scape inspired by Paul Klee’s ‘Castle in the sun’ painting. They will learn to identify, mix and blend tones of warm and cool colours and effectively use contrasting colours in their design.


Year 2 will be learning how to play the ocarina, make the sounds B and A and read rhythm notation (crotchet rests and minims).  


The children will be learning about Leaders and Teachers of different religions.  


The children will be learning to name some food, to say how old they are and when their birthday is.        


Please ensure that your child has suitable clothes and trainers for outdoor P.E. and that everything is clearly labelled.  Please note if your child has P.E. period 1 or period 2 they are to come to school dressed in their P.E. uniform with their school uniform in their P.E. bags.

Each class will have P.E. on the following days:


Monday: dance with Ms Robbins (period 2)

Tuesday: outdoor games with Ms George (period 2)


Tuesday: dance with Ms Robbins

Wednesday: outdoor games with Ms Wilson (period 2)


Monday: dance with Ms Robbins

Tuesday: outdoor games with Ms George  


Tuesday:period 2 Dance (Ms Robbins)

Wednesday: period 1 Outdoor games (Ms Wilson)


Monday: dance with Ms Robbins

Tuesday:  outdoor games with Ms Wilson


Extra information:

• The children are provided with fruit everyday as a snack for playtime. Therefore, no additional snack is needed. Children may bring a small, labeled bottle of water to drink in the classroom.

• Maths and English homework is given out on a weekly basis; this is set every Wednesday on Mathletics and Treasure House and is expected to be completed by Monday. Please make sure your child is completing their homework each week. 

Thank you for all your support this term.

Megan Shaw        Sarah Peach          Freya Miles    Samuel Bevan      Samantha Burst 


Download the Year 2 Presentation

Download the presentaion on  Early Reading and Writing at Belleville

Download the Download the parent workshop volunteer readers presentation

Download the Year 2 National Curriculum Objectives for English

Download the Year 2 National Curriculum Objectives for Maths

Download the Year 2 National Curriculum Objectives for Science