Welcome to Reception 


Dear Parents/ Carers,

Our topic next half term is ‘Traditional Tales.’ The overview outlining what we will cover within the term is on the back of this sheet. Once again, this is a guide as to what we might cover and may change according to the children’s needs and interests.

Part of our discussion surrounding traditional stories is that one story may have different versions.

It would therefore be useful, if your child has their own version of a particular tale, to bring it into school or share it at home during the relevant week. It would also be helpful to ask your child if they can retell the story, for example by looking at the pictures and describing what is happening on each page.

We would like to plea again for all uniform, including PE kits and coats, to be clearly labelled with your child’s name. If an item of clothing is clearly named it will always make its way back to the owner!

We are lucky to have our PE provision extended this half term and in addition to PE with Ms George and Dance with Miss Robins, the children will also receive Gymnastics with specialist coach Mr Wood.  Again, for morning physical lessons, children must come to school wearing their PE kit with their school clothes in their PE bag.  For afternoon physical lessons please send children in wearing their school clothes with their PE kit in a bag.  These children will change for their lesson in school and go home wearing their PE kit.  Please continue to encourage your child to be as independent as possible when dressing and undressing. This is something that we are required to assess the children against during the year as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. They should be able to dress and undress without any adult assistance.  We would also like to say thank you for all of the ‘Big News from Home’ slips that are being sent in. 

If your child makes any steps forward in their learning in any area of the curriculum – reading, writing, counting, ICT skills, scientific understanding, creative… we would love to hear about it!  These slips help us build a full picture of your child’s learning and help inform us about the next steps they need to make.

Many thanks,

The Reception Team

Download the overview for Spring 2

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Download the 'Big News From Home' letter

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