Dear Parents/Carers

It’s hard to believe but the last half term of Nursery in soon upon us!  On the reverse of this letter you will find an overview outlining broadly what we will cover each week. Our focus topic for the next half term is ‘Explorers’.  

We will be continuing Phase 2 of the “Letters and Sounds” program which introduces children to the initial sounds l, j, v, w, x y, z. Each week we will have a sound table for each of these letters. Thank you to the children that have been bringing in items to support the sound of the week, please continue to do so! 

Books and Book bags

Please ensure that your child has a book bag that they bring in to school every day.  This can be used to take books home from our “Book Borrowing Library”.  Please remember to sign out books borrowed from the library in the cloakroom and to cross it out when the book is returned.

Uniform and spare clothes

Please ensure all items of clothing are named clearly.  Every child will also need a bag of weather appropriate spare clothes to hang on their peg.  If your child has had a toilet accident we will change your child into their spare clothes and put the wet clothes in a plastic bag on your child’s peg.  If your child has had to borrow Nursery spare clothing, please wash them and return the clothes to us as soon as possible.  Please also note that jeans are not part of Belleville’s school uniform.

Appropriate clothing

As the days are getting warmer, please ensure your child comes to school with a sun hat.  If it is a sunny day, please also ensure that exposed skin has been protected with sun cream.  Please continue to encourage your child to remove their own coat and bag when they arrive and put it on their peg. 


Please continue to check the cloakroom screen for general messages. Thank you for all the donations so far for junk modelling – please keep them coming!  These can be put in the purple canvas container by the door in the classroom.

Toys from home

Please continue to encourage your child to leave their toys at home. Nursery cannot be responsible for toys which go missing.  If scooters are brought to nursery, please ensure they are hung up on the fencing out of the way as access to the bikes is needed once the parents have left. Please ensure these are taken home at the end of each session to ensure that there is enough space for the next class.

During next half term we will be helping children prepare for their transition into Reception. To help with this transition, we ask that you encourage your child to say goodbye to you at the door during drop off.

If you are concerned about anything, please do not hesitate to come and have a chat with any of the Nursery Team.

Yours sincerely,

The Nursery Team

Download the overview for Summer Term 2