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In July 2011, Belleville was named as one of the country’s first National Teaching Schools.
"The idea is a simple one: take the very best schools, ones that are already working to improve other schools, and put them in charge of teacher training and professional development for the whole system.” Michael Gove, secretary of state for Education
Teaching Schools are outstanding schools with a track record of supporting others. They have the capacity and drive to take a leading role in the development and support of teachers, school leaders and headteachers.

Belleville is well-established in working alongside other schools and Teaching School status is a recognition of the ongoing quality of the outreach and school-to-school work we have been part of. As a Teaching School, we continue to work alongside many schools and networks of schools in a range of ways, driven by the aim of raising standards and improving the quality of education offered in schools. 

We are part of a strong network of schools offering various strengths. With an understanding and experience in tackling key school improvement issues, we hope to match the needs of schools with those with capacity to provide support.

Please see our Key Roles page for more information about our Teaching School activity.

To contact us about National Teaching School issues, training or support, please contact lesley.dibbens@bellevilleschool.org 

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  • School Direct Salaried Initial Teacher Training
  • Pre NQT Induction
  • Pre NQT Introduction to Singapore Style Maths
  • NQT Programme
  • RQT Programme
  • Teaching to the Next Level
  • Starting out as a Subject Leader
  • Middle Leader
  • New to post SENCo
  • Introduction to Singapore Maths 
  • Improving Writing in KS2
  • Grammar
  • Writing Assessment and Moderation in KS1 and KS2
  • Phonics Refresher
  • Safeguarding Refresher
  • AfL and Questioining Twilight
  • Behaviour Refresher Twilight
  • Collaborative Learning Twilight

We also offer FREE Mentor training for all of our School Direct and NQT programme mentors tailored to experience.