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Cricket Report
By Harry and Jamie

Harry: ‘As I was coming to bowl, sweat was blinding my eyes. All I could hear was my team, in the field, chanting the chants of encouragement. The feeling of pressure rushed through my veins. Not did I know what was going to happen...’
Jamie: ‘ I was standing behind the wicket, only knowing my team needed to take a wicket for a win. There with a puddle in between the wicket and myself, but that did not obstruct me to do my duty…’
Then it happened, the other team had scored another cheeky run. Our team had scored 74 runs in 10 overs and the opposing team scored 74 in 9.5 overs. This could be a match to remember.
Harry bowled his personal favourite; a full length in- swinger, which proved to do justice...
The batsman swung for the smack but only managed to nick a top edge which sent the ball approximately five meters in the air with a  severe spin.
The wicket keeper, Jamie Dunbar, ran forward, and not caring about the puddle that the earlier downpour had caused pulled of an astonishingly athletic full stretch dive to cling on to the orange ball with one hand. They had won it by a wicket! This was definitely a match to remember.
Don’t worry,  the wicket keeper wasn’t hurt, he was perfectly fine.

Lords final for Belleville!!
By Maddie & Lottie

Belleville reached the Lords finals of the “Capital kids” cricket tournament for the second year running.  Belleville chose to field first.  A large crowd came to watch even the mayor of Wandsworth was there. 
The game began, Aidan bowled a great over from him only three runs and one wicket. Sam bowled second, everyone hoping for a wicket.  It was a good over. Maddie bowled next, a fantastic wicket maiden and Olivia ran someone out. Jago bowled a maiden. Then Christian bowled an expensive one.  Natasha was our safe bowler, the batters were defensive. She got one bowled, one caught, for one run. So the opponents were on 20 runs.  Olivia then bowled a great over, only 1 run conceded for three wickets.
The sides changed over, Belleville to bat, needing 22 to win. The openers were Oscar and Aiden.  They scored six in the first over against their captain. Then Oscar got out, next in was Sam, his partnership with Aiden was 10 runs before Aiden was out.
Next came Maddie batting with Sam. They scored 6 runs in their first over so Belleville had won! They had had a fantastic day, winning a medal each, unlucky for Hackney.

The Greatest Belleville Primary school cricket match of all time
by Scarlett and Lauren

It was an early start for Scarlett McGill aged 10. It was 6 am on Wednesday June 2013 and she was on her way to Epsom College. 2 hours later they were warming up on the field contemplating there game. The 4th match was by far the most phenomenal match out of the 6 she played.  It was an intense 3 quarters of an hour playing against what looked like pros. 1 quarter way through Belleville was batting and they had 8 runs. The crowd started to worry as for Belleville had to catch up to 69 by the end of the game. Scarlett 10 said “My heart started racing as it was my time to bat!” She quoted. Time passed as hope was near.  Belleville were half way through the match and everyone could see that are opponents were in trouble due to the fact Belleville was amazingly well.
As the match was coming to an end tension started to rise. It was a close now as Belleville was only two ahead. 3 minutes still to go and they were 5 ahead it was near. It had finished and Belleville had claimed victory with 7 runs in it. Maddie Jones age 10 “This was the most amazing match and I just want to say thank you to our coach and organizer Mr Speller”
She quoted huffing and puffing.
At the end of this amazing competition Belleville had won.

Cricket Report
By Christian and Jackson

As Belleville prepared for the Lords Capital Kids Indoor Tournament Final against Elmhurst Primary School their hearts were racing. That day, they had won every match and were in best position to win the whole tournament. Even though they had been playing all day and were worn out, they were ready to face their most important match. If they won they would represent the whole of London. They had worked their way through many other tournaments to get to this point and were representing Surrey after wining their last tournament.

The two captains met and shook each other’s hands. The atmosphere was tense as the umpire tossed the coin. Belleville’s skipper called tails and there was a moment of absolute silence as the coin spun in the air. They won the toss and chose to bowl first. They quickly chose their fielding positions and started the game. The bowling opened with Bonnen Clark, one of their fast bowler’s, who quickly took two wickets in the first over. The game was looking up for Belleville. However Elmhurst Primary quickly came back hitting consecutive fours in the second over, but on the bowl of the second over, Josh Daws took another wicket.

Belleville had another wicket when the batsman hit a ball intended for six, it went high and Christian Bertrand, who was fielding on the boundary, dived and caught the ball. On the fourth over Elmhurst Primary had twenty-one runs; an average of only five runs an over. This was good news for Belleville and they had high hopes of wining the tournament. But their luck ran thin when Elmhurst’s best no7 batsman began to shine.
Suddenly the runs were coming too quickly to count and their score doubled to forty-two! Belleville were in the deep…Just as they were about to give in their last bowler, Sam Jones (a classy county off-spinner), took two spectacular wickets and narrowly missed out on his hat trick to reduce the score to fifty. As the last ball bounced slowly up to the batsman, his bat swung and the ball rolled away for four. It was the end of the innings.

After a quick break it was back to game. With their heads held high Belleville’s first pair walked across the pitch. A talented batsman (named Aidan Oakley), stepped on strike for the first ball, cover driving it away for a quick single. The over soon ended at a total of seven. The game went on smoothly and speedily, until Belleville’s no3 partners Josh Daws and Christian Bertrand boosted the score: first from twenty to thirty and then, thirty to forty ending their show for forty-one! The tension built as Belleville’s last two, (Olivia Fanning and Sam Jones) strolled out with determination in their bats. When they just started to think they’d taken the jolly road, taking seven of the over, Elmhurst’s last bowler doomed them. Although Belleville’s no7 batsman had just shot a four and a six, the bowler fought back with a wicket. 2 to come and two runs needed; it was very tight. The first ball swung in dangerously close to the wickets. The second and final ball was going straight on wicket when with a last effort, the batsman tapped the ball for a snippy single. Now tied, it was all up to the bowl off…

As the players lined up with caution, the crowd roared. The bowl off was under away! A nice early wicket brightened Elmhurst. Gritting his teeth bowler Christian Bertrand took down Belleville’s first wicket to set a score of 1-1. Just as everyone thought there would be no more flying wickets, a demon bowler from Elmhurst put a change to it; making it  2-1. The pressure swept up Belleville and it came to the last bowl. The Belleville captain ran, bowled and missed…they had lost the game!