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Theatre tickets at discounted rates if you go through the PTA

The Ambassador Theatre Group who run Wimbledon Theatre and See Tickets both have fantastic schemes selling top price tickets for both Wimbledon and London theatres at a discounted rate for PTA groups.

Ticket prices are generally around 30% less than face value but some recent deals have included top price tickets for half price. There is either a £1 or £5 donation to the PTA per ticket so that everyone wins – parents get cheap tickets and the PTA raises money. Also, for some shows once ten tickets are purchased we get one for free which we also sell on, adding more money for the PTA. The more tickets we sell, the more money we earn for the PTA.         

Group rates for any London shows - just ask!

If there is a show you are interested in, just e-mail and we can see if anyone else in Belleville want to go and organise a group rate. It is worth noting that we rarely get group rates for week-ends. Please state how many tickets you are after. Once we have a minimum of 10 people we’ll make the booking and get back to tell you when you need to pay by.

Now booking!

Dec 2018 Christmas Pantomime - Aladdin          
New Wimbledon Theatre

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Full details of Wimbledon shows can be found at New Wimbledon Theatre website.

For current dates and shows please look out for details in the Belleville Buzz or email