Poetry to Learn

These poems are a collection of poems one per half term to develop a varied repertoire of poems for children to learn by heart as they go through their primary years.  

The learning and performing of poetry by heart should allow them to develop both skills in memorisation and performance but also allow them to understand and appreciate a wide range of poets, poetic structures and styles.



Number Poems
There was a crooked man and Blue Wellies Yellow Wellies
Spike Milligan Silly rhymes
Wriggle and Roar – any from collection
Mrs Pirate- Nick Sharratt Or One Eyed Jack
Commotion in the Ocean (2 verses) OR Rumble in the Jungle (2 verses)


Year  1

30 days hath September ANON
Batman’s Exercise Video- Ian McMillan
Bedtime OR  Quarrel by Eleanor Farejon
Spaghetti Spaghetti – John Prelutsky
On the Ning nang, nong - S Milligan
Song of the Train – David McCord


Year 2

Alligator – Grace Nichol  OR Alligator Problem – Michael Rosen
Penguins on Ice – Celia Warren
Cats - Eleanor Farjeon
The Morning Rush – John Foster
Where do all the Teachers Go? -  Peter Dixon
The Owl and the Pussycat - Edward Lear


Year 3

My Dad’s Amazing Ian Souter OR I Don’t Want to Go to School – Colin McNaughton
Please Mrs Butler – Allan Ahlberg
The Sound Collector – Roger McGough
Slowly -  James Reeves
A Monster Alphabet- Gervase Phinn
Me and My Brother – Michael Rosen

Year 4

Emergensea - John Hegley
The Ocean’s Blanket - Carol Ann Duffy
Mister Moore – David Harmer
Walking with my Iguana – Brian Moses
The Witches Spell – Macbeth
Gran Can you Rap – Jack Ousby


Year 5

Bed In Summer – Robert Louis Stevenson
Trees are Great - Roger McGogh
From a Railway Carriage - Robert Louis Stevenson
The River – Valerie Bloom
The Pig – Roald Dahl OR Conversation Piece  - Gareth Owen

Year 6

In Flanders Fields – John MacRae
Dulce Et Decorum Est - Wilfred Owen
The Door – Miroslav Holub
Oh I wish I’d looked after my teeth – Pam Ayres
A Worry - Carol Ann Duffy Or Matilda – Hillaire Belloc

If – Rudyard Kipling