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Belleville became an academy on 1st October 2011. As an academy, the school is overseen by a trust (the Quality First Education Trust), which is responsible for the incorporation of the school as a limited company, for ensuring that the charitable and educational objectives and ethos of the company are delivered in accordance with our Articles of Association, and that we comply with good practice for board members of public bodies.

Details of the Quality First Education Trust
Registered company number: 07768645
Registered address: Belleville Primary School, Belleville Road, London SW11 6PR
Trust Members: Kate Amis, Julian Coningham, Brian Ledbetter, Michael Gibson, Tom Gately
Trustees: Claire Antrobus, Sarah Atherton, Hilary Clarke, Julian Coningham (chair), Rachael Dupont, John Grove (executive head), Olivier Huez, Brian Ledbetter, Fiona Wilkins
Company Secretary: Aderemi Shodipe

Key documents and links
Our company information at Companies House
Our original signed Memorandum of Association
Our Articles of Association
Our Annual Report and our Academy Funding Agreement can be found on our Financial Information page

Multi Academy Trust
Belleville has been an academy since 2011, managed by the Belleville Academy Trust. The Department for Education made the decision in November 2016 that Wix Primary School in Battersea is to become an academy sponsored by Belleville.  In preparation for this development, Belleville has become a multi-academy trust (MAT), and the trust name has been changed to the Quality First Education Trust. Our new name reflects our strong belief in high quality teaching, and the fact that the trust will oversee more than one school.

Two other schools are proposing to convert to academies and join us in formal partnership: The Alton Primary School in Roehampton and Churchfields Primary School in Beckenham.  We think there will be many advantages to working as a group and that we will be able to have a positive impact on the lives of the children we serve.  As a Teaching School, National Support School and more recently a Maths Hub, we have a long history of working with others, including supporting many schools to improve.

We do not intend to change anything about the operation of Belleville as a result of converting to a MAT. The children should not notice any change in their day to day provision. There will be no change to Belleville's school name or uniform. However, our governance arrangements will be different. Instead of a governing body for Belleville, there will be a Board of Trustees for the MAT as a whole. The Board will then delegate responsibilities to local governing bodies for Belleville, Wix and the other schools.

The government is strongly encouraging schools to work together in formal partnerships. The main driver for us is to work with other like-minded schools to achieve the best outcomes for children. Generally acknowledged benefits of creating a MAT include:

  • sharing expertise and ideas, to reduce isolation and develop skills
  • more career opportunities for talented staff, improving recruitment, retention and succession
  • formal partnership structures which enable more challenge and rigour
  • the potential to deploy staff and resources flexibly, to meet the needs of different schools
  • potential financial savings (e.g. through bulk purchasing, shared services and increased efficiency).

As a MAT, the central Board of Trustees will be accountable for any other academies that join the MAT, not just Belleville. This means increased responsibility. However, as the Trust expands, the Trustees will ensure that careful decisions are taken to ensure that the right governance structure and systems are in place to successfully operate more than one academy.

There is more about MAT academies on the DfE website at

We are committed to listening to parents and carers, staff and other members of our community. If you have any comments on our plans, you are welcome to email us at